Activities to enjoy around Kaingaroa

Immerse yourself in some of the best the Chatham Islands has to offer, whether relaxed or adventurous, there is sure to be a great memory waiting to be created for every guest. When planning your trip, a helpful website to look at is Discover the Chatham Islands. You will also find brochures at the airport when you arrive at the Chatham Islands.

The following information and links give you a taste of some of the activities available locally around Kāingaroa.

When you arrive at Chatham Hideaway there is an Information & Activity Directory which includes various brochures, resources and information with details of what is available to explore while you are here and relevant contact details for planning trips, making bookings, arranging tours etc. We can also assist you with bookings if required.

Please be aware that a number of the actvities and sights are located on private property so prior permission for access must be obtained, and an entry fee may apply. Further details regarding this information can be found in the accommodation premises. As your hosts, we are happy to request permission on your behalf if you prefer.

If you enjoy beach combing, there are a number of unspoiled, secluded beaches to explore within a short distance from Chatham Hideaway.

The Chathams is just now being discovered as a great surfing destination, so if you're keen, bring along your board and try some of the local surfing spots.

If hunting is your thing, there are locals available to take you on a hunt - you can even try weka, a Chathams delicacy. (A reasonable level of fitness is required.)

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